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Welcome to Mohini's Corner

Hello, and welcome to Mohini's Corner! Finally, and a long time coming, Mohini's Corner has been created as a place for family and friends to be able to keep up with Mohini's progress. 

Here, you'll find news of what Mohini has been up to, as well as lots of photos and video. And since this project is more than a year behind, there will be several updates weekly which will take a look back from birth to present.

There are two ways to keep current with site updates. If you are familiar with RSS, simply click on the RSS button in the menu bar above. 

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Enjoy your time here and please feel free to leave comments for little Moni. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Sainath (Moni's "Dada") 

Big Shoes to Fill…(Video)

So the other evening I was home with Moni and she had kind of disappeared for a moment. I then heard noises coming from the kitchen, so I went to investigate. This is what I found:

Moni Climbs Steps (Video)

Here’s a short clip of Moni climbing steps by herself for the first time. I had reached for her hand to help her, but she pulled away and was insistent on making her way up the steps solo. Great job, Moni! 🙂

On the Phone (Video)

Another short clip of Moni, this time she’s making phone calls.

February 26, 2010 - 2:33 pm Anjali - I love this! Hilarious- I watch it over and over. Makes my day!

Boogie Moni! (Video)

Here’s a short video of Moni gettin’ down to some keyboard demo music. This was taken with an iPhone 3G S in low light, so the quality is less than ideal, but the fun is still there! 🙂

Moni in the Newspaper

Haven’t updated the site in a while!  There’s lots of stuff to put up from the last month, and now it’s just a matter of finding time to get it done. Today’s update was kind of exciting, so didn’t want to let too much time pass before getting it up.

We got a little surprise today….Moni’s photos in the local paper! We don’t subscribe to the local paper, so we weren’t actually aware of the photos until someone had given Mona the clipping from today’s paper. Moni is in a couple of group photos that the paper had taken at her daycare. Moni’s daycare had been participating in a local food drive, so the first photo shows the winning class which Moni was a part of. Now I know why she was rummaging around in the pantry and pulling all the cans off of the shelves! 😉

The following week, the daycare had a week planned where each day had a different theme and parents were asked to dress their kids for the respective theme. The themes for the week were: hat day, tacky day, pajama day, favorite color day, favorite team day. On the day the newspaper went to the daycare, pajama day was in effect, and that’s the second photo below.

Once we were made aware of the clipping, I was able to go to the local paper’s website and download a copy of the newspaper, with the excerpt below.


Off to L.A.

Yesterday, Moni and Mona left for L.A. for the weekend to attend an engagement party. Here are some pics that I had taken at the airport. One nice this is that Delta Air Lines was kind enough to provide me with a gate pass so that I could escort my girls to the gate.

You’ll notice that Moni wasn’t smiling much here. I like to think it’s because she did not want to leave Daddy behind 😉 However, I think it was really because she was getting quite tired. Oh, and an exciting thing happened earlier in the day…she said “Daddy”! Up until that point, she had always said Dada. We haven’t been trying to teach her to say “Daddy” and it was something completely out of the blue and that she did on her own 🙂


Weee! (Video)

Moni started a new daycare routine this past week. When I take her into her room, she immediately runs to one of the rockers and starts rockin’ away! I didn’t take any video the first time she did it, but made sure to do so the next day. What’s really funny about this one is a little girl using another one of the rockers (she really gets into it!), and at one point you see them rocking in unison!
Moni also takes the opportunity to do a little housekeeping.

Taken with the iPhone 3G S.

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Moni Says Kamath (Video)

Here’s a short clip of Moni showing that she knows her last name. Well, I’m sure she doesn’t actually know it’s her last name, but she knows how to say it 🙂

Video taken with the iPhone 3G S.

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November 21, 2009 - 10:59 pm Jas - She is so cute. "Moni Kammath". Can't wait to see her. Jas Uncle

Dance, Moni, Dance! (Video)

In this clip, Moni is showing off her dancing skills. The song and choreography were created by Mona 😉

Video taken with Canon 5D MKII and 50mm f/1.2 lens at f/1.8.

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Moni and Bailey at the Playground Pt. 3 (Video)

The final installment of the playground videos. Here the journey takes them through a tube which ends with a trip down a slide.

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